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Electronic Cigarette Stop Program

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Electronic Cigarette Stop Program
Jennabelle Jo Andrews Alexander
September 8, 2014
Linda Roan

The Public health Department in Las Vegas Nevada has become concerned with the increasing popularity and use of electronic cigarettes. The consequence of e-cigarette use on the health of the public is uncertain. There is a lack of information, and regulation making it unknown if these products are safe. One of the main concerns is the potential influence on children, and whether or not the use of e-cigarettes will cause them to become addicted to nicotine. Nicotine is known to be addictive, therefore, no matter how safe it can be delivered, the use of addictive materials will cause the user to become accustom to their regular dose which will encourage increasing it.
This objective of this project is to implement a school-based education program in elementary, middle, and high schools across Nevada over the next year. Introducing a program at the schools is an opportunity to stop the beginning of nicotine use, thereby eliminating the health concerns associated with it. The research shows that school based programs do have a positive effect on health issues. The CDC notes that most U.S. schools have put in place policies and programs concerning tobacco use ("Centers For Disease Control And Prevention", 2014). This is beneficial because many resources are available to make this program a success.
This paper summarizes the steps that can be taken to help with the successful implementation of a school based program including identifying resources, implementation sites, and characters of the program that must be adhered to and monitored. This program meets the required criteria for which several funding sources that can be applied. One source is RFA-DP09-90101SUPP10 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Affordable Care...

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