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In my opinion the reason why we have high definition televisions is because, we’re always trying to be better than other. There are three major resolutions 1080p: 1920×1080p: 2,073,600 pixels, 1080i: 1920×1080i: 1,036,800 pixels, and 720p: 1280×720p: 921,600 pixels. The letter p here means progressive scan and the i means indicates interlaced. HDTV provides about five times as many pixels as the standard television. There are three main types of HDTVs, are plasma, LCD, and LED. The difference between plasma and LCD wavered for some time, with each offering different economic and visual benefits depending on the model, price, and time in the life cycle of HDTVs. Plasma is a dying “breed” so to speak. LED screens has been steadily produced improved pictures, with some high-end models comparable to high-end plasmas. Also, LED uses arrays of light-emitting diodes. The LEDs are arranged either along the edges of the panel or along the back to light it up. LCD is cold cathode fluorescent, or CCFL lights to illuminate the panel. Now for a little history, high definition originating from August 1936. In British there high-definition TV service started trials in August 1936 and a regular service on 2 November 1936. Televisions was based on mechanical systems with as few as 30 lines of resolution, and later on the line resolution 240 line sequential scan. In 1938 France came out with their own 441-line. Later on in 1949 France introduced an even higher-resolution standard at 819 lines, a system that should have been high definition even by today's standards. in 1964, after the Tokyo Olympics, NHK (NHK, the Japan Broadcasting Corporation) set out to create an HDTV system that ended up scoring much higher in subjective tests than NTSC's previously dubbed HDTV. The new system, NHK Color, created in 1972, included 1125 lines, a 5:3 aspect ratio and 60 Hz refresh rate. Early HDTV broadcasting used analog technology. In 1958, the Soviet Union developed Тransformator, the first high-resolution (definition) television system capable of producing an image composed of 1,125 lines of resolution. Later on in 1979 the Japanese state broadcaster NHK first developed consumer high-definition television with a 5:3 display aspect ratio. The system, known as Hi-Vision or MUSE after its Multiple sub-Nyquist sampling encoding for encoding the signal, required about twice the bandwidth of the existing NTSC system but provided about four times the resolution (1080i/1125 lines). The limited standardization of analog HDTV in the 1990s did not lead to global HDTV adoption as technical and economic constraints at the time did not permit HDTV to use bandwidths greater than normal television. Japan remained the only country with successful public broadcasting of analog HDTV, with seven broadcasters sharing a single channel. Citations,2817,2387377,00.asp

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