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1984 Circuits

21. Which two arrangements of resistors shown above have the same resistance between the terminals? A) I and II A) I and IV B) II and III C) II and IV (E) III and IV

22. In the circuit shown above, what is the value of the potential difference between points X and Y if the 6-volt battery has no internal resistance? A) 1 V A) 2 V B) 3 V C) 4 V D) 6 V

Total resistance 4 Ω + ( 1/3 Ω + 1/6 Ω)-1 = 6 Ω
Current = I = V/R 6 V / 6 Ω = 1 A
V = 1 A 4 Ω = 4 V
Therefore 2 V will be left for the parallel network

More glow more flow

23. A lamp, a voltmeter V, an ammeter A, and a battery with zero internal resistance are connected as shown above. Connecting another lamp in parallel with the first lamp as shown by the dashed lines would A) increase the ammeter reading A) decrease the ammeter reading B) increase the voltmeter reading C) decrease the voltmeter reading D) produce no change in either meter reading
Questions 24-25 relate to the five incomplete circuits below composed of resistors R, all of equal resistance, and capacitors C, all of equal capacitance. A battery that can be used to complete any of the circuits is available.

24. Into which circuit should the battery be connected to obtain the greatest steady power dissipation? D

25. Which circuit will retain stored energy if the battery is connected to it and then disconnected?
B because the capacitor can not discharge
26. A parallel-plate capacitor is charged by connection to a battery. If the battery is disconnected and the separation between the plates is increased, what will happen to the charge on the capacitor and the voltage across it? A) Both remain fixed. A) Both increase. B) Both decrease. C) The charge increases and the voltage...

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