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Eletromax Project Management

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Eletromax Project Management



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Eletromax Project Management
Part 1
Importance of scope Statement to the Success of a project Given that the project plan is referred to as the foundation of a successful methodology of project management. Then many argue that scope statement of any given project is the breath of any successful methodology of project management. Scope statement is of great importance as it contains details relating to the project vision. It plays an important role of describing the goals of the project, keep a record of what a complete project will be like and finally the deliverables of the project. It is very unfortunate that most of the project stakeholders tend to pay little attention to the process of developing scope statement of a project in question. Another very alarming issue relating to scope statement is that, most of the project managers tend to be very dedicated in developing the scope statement of a project but rarely do they pay attention to the scope developed as they go about their duties of implementing the project plan. For the scope statement to be of great importance to the successful implementation of the project plan, the manager of the project needs to keep on referring to the scope statement so that he/she can ensure that the project implementation is in line with the initial vision and objectives (Edward 1975). The scope statement is used to define the project requirements whereby, it outlines the conditions as well as the capabilities that need to be met by various project deliverables to fully satisfy the project contract. Scope statement can be referred as the blueprint of the project. It usually describes various features of the end service or product after full implementation of the project. It provides a clear guidance to the project manager on what...

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