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Listening to Ellis story honestly broke my heart. I don’t come from a broken home but it truly breaks my heart when people have to deal with these situations on their own. It makes me feel happy that Ellis has faith and courage to leave that all behind and stand stronger than ever. While I was watching him sign those tragic events in class I couldn’t help but tear up. I don’t think I would ever be able to handle those events in my life. Losing loved ones is already a tough situation to deal with, but watching them die and not being able to call for help is just really sad. It’s a shame that throughout his childhood he didn’t have his parents for moral support and had to put up with his aunt on his own. I have difficulties of my own with my family but they don’t compare to what Ellis has experienced and it makes me feel like a brat because I have everything I could possibly need and I still find myself complaining and arguing with my parents. Sometimes we take the smallest of things for granted. Many of us have all these blessings while others are wishing for them. I am guilty of taking things for granted. Ellis stories made me feel very grateful for the life I live. What I learned from Ellis stories is that even though life may suck at the moment it is only temporary, things will turn around for the better. His life did turn around for the better; he moved away from all the craziness and is attending school. He just wants to help people who are having the struggles he had growing up and let them know that things don’t have to be that way. Ellis story has given me a different view on life and has made me appreciate how easy I have it compared to others.

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