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Elvis Presley Influence On Rock N Roll

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The Course of Rock’N’Roll Elvis Presley paved the way for many rock n roll artists nowadays. His daring collision of country and Rhythm n Blues is now a precedent to all rock artists here now. He was a big part of getting more black singers out there with everyone else. Those who didn’t love elvis, thought of him as despicable for associating with african american artists. His dance moves were considered raunchy and risque as he was named “Elvis the Pelvis”. Elvis was powerful enough through his singing and dancing to break through those prudish 50’s and 60’s barriers. He forever changed the way of rock n roll and had the biggest effect on how it looks today. Elvis is probably one of the better people that this could have happened for. “Elvis Aaron Presley came from a small humble family who took the Christian messages of all kind being created equal” (Article 3). It’s that fact that makes it sure that he was the best person to give music a make over. He was sympathetic to african …show more content…
Everyone that did not love Elvis, despised everything he stood for (Britannica School). Elvis was a big advocator for black singers and in this time period that was deemed unacceptable by most. That did not stop him whatsoever from blending white music with black music and giving complete credit to those black singers. In that same article from before it’s said that also his hip movements and raunchy moves got Elvis quite a bit of criticism from America because in the 50s, the world was still sensitive to certain things (Britannica School). He tested the limits of his audiences and at some points tv shows were instructed to cut out some of Elvis’ wildness. “On the Ed Sullivan Show, in which cameras were instructed to stay above the hips of ‘Elvis the Pelvis’” (Encyclopedia of the World

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