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KLA Article: Is Email Hiding Your Personality

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Is Email Hiding Your Personality
By Kendra Lee, President, KLA Group

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Email is so much easier to use for prospecting than the phone. You can write it at any time day or night. You don't have to worry about being hung up on and you won't catch your client "at a bad time." But it's also easily deleted with no response. When you put yourself into your email, your chances of getting prospects to respond escalate. You stand apart from the other sellers who blend together as Inbox clutter. Sound hard? It doesn't have to be. You know that it's your personality and message that distinguish you on the phone. But, when you write, you have to be really careful that the words you choose let your personality shine through. If your prospect can't feel your personality, you're no different than any other seller trying to get time on his calendar. Here's the story of two sellers I've been working with and their very different email prospecting results: Eric, who follows the email prospecting rules perfectly, and Mae, who breaks the rules and allows her personality to shine.

Eric sells IT maintenance services. He does most of his prospecting via email because he doesn't like to cold call. He has an outstanding value proposition including impressive financial results clients have received in reducing unplanned IT expenditures.

Eric adapts his value proposition to the group he's targeting and follows all the email prospecting best practices. Limits the length to 4-5 sentences Uses only 1 link Includes a tag line in his signature


KLA Article: Is Email Hiding Your Personality

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Provides his phone and contact information Includes an offer his prospect can respond to if interested Writes a…...