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BA 324HHH E-Mail Portfolio

Write a two-page memo, addressed to me, discussing how you demonstrate the characteristics of successful e-mail messages. Your memo should explain the importance of each of the following concepts and describe how you demonstrate each, citing an attached example e-mail message you composed:
* Effective use of the subject line
* Limiting the e-mail to a single topic
* Use of conversational (as opposed to formal or "lawyerly") tone including appropriate salutation
* Concise, clear, and organized content with appropriate opening, body, and closing
* Appropriate and effective use of highlighting
* Appropriate use of e-mail (as opposed to phone, face-to-face) as the communication channel
Include 3-5 supporting examples of printed e-mails you have sent since the beginning of the semester. Number each example in the upper right-hand corner and refer to this number in your memo to support how you have demonstrated each concept. You may cite more than one example to support each concept. Each of your supporting examples must be used as least once and can be used multiple times. See e-mail format instructions for more information on e-mail expectations.
You may use work e-mails or personal correspondence as examples. Note that select e-mails will be graded for technical correctness. You may retype e-mails to correct typos, grammar, spelling, etc.
Tips for writing this report:
1. First sentence tells the reader why you're writing - call it what it is: a memo from a student to a professor discussing effective e-mail practices
2. Make sure the first sentence of each paragraph is an appropriate topic sentence
3. When referring to the attached e-mail examples in your memo, use E-mail # as the notation.
4. In general, you may format the short word for electronic mail either as e-mail or email - just…...