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Email System Upgrade This project is to take our current email system of Microsoft Exchange 2003 and upgrade it to Microsoft Exchange 2013. To complete the project we will need to address a multiply stage upgrade process. This process will happen in two major stages; these steps will be covered in more detail in later. The highlights are, first we will migrate exchange from 2003 to exchange 2010, and then we will need to decommission the exchange 2003 before working the last stage of upgrading the exchange 2010 to exchange 2013.
The major stakeholders in this project include all the board of directors, Chief executive officer (CEO) of the company. The working stakeholder will be the Information Team (IT), each will be critical to the success of this project. The indirectly stakeholder will be all employees who can take advantage of the entire features in Exchange 2013. There will be two major steps for this migration, but fifteen minor steps that will need to be completed these minor steps are;
Step One:
Planning for Deployment
Getting the environment ready for the upgrade
Getting the servers ready for Exchange
Testing disk performance
Installing the Exchange 2010 Multi-Role Server
Preparing the Exchange 2010 Migration
Migrating Mailboxes to Exchange 2010
Step Two:
Decommissioning Exchange 2003
Installing the first Exchange 2013 Server
Preparing for Exchange 2013 Migration
Migrating Mailboxes to Exchange 2013
Decommissioning Exchange 2010
Installing the second Exchange 2013 Multi-Role Server
Ongoing Maintenance of Exchange 2013, Goodman, S. (2014, February 27).
Measurable Organizational Value (MOV) will be set in four point’s measure increments of the minor steps. The stakeholders will determine these milestones prior to the physical start of the project. These milestones will also determine if the project will proceed, or terminate the project at this marker.

Goodman, S. (2014, February 27). Planning and Migrating a Small Organization from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2013 (Part 1). Retrieved November 3, 2015, from

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