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Email to Coworker

Dear Gracie,
I wanted to take some time and send you the information you requested on Communication in the workplace. Workplace communication is the transmitting and receiving of information between one person and another or a group of people. It can include emails, text messages, voice mails, notes etc. Workplace communication is essential to our company’s ability to be productive and run smoothly. Listening skills and speaking skills are necessary to have efficient interactions with coworkers and employers. The following tips will help you communicate more effectively in the work place.
Listening Skills
Listening skills is a common problem area, with all the distractions around us try and stay focused, having good face to face listening skills is vital. Make sure the person is hearing you by having them repeat facts or write things down. Make sure there is an understanding, have them repeat back to you in their own words what was said so they can grasp the concepts.
Speaking skills
Speaking skills is another important form of communication. It is very common for people to speak without thinking, also think of your audience speak on their level try to adapt yourself to different types of situations. It is important to know how to listen to others as they speak and it is also important to know how to speak to others as they listen. Effective communication at work is interacting effectively with coworkers and employers throughout your day to day operations. I would suggest taking sometime to practice and learn communication principals this may help improve the way you interact with others in the workplace.

Perception also plays a very important role in communication, it involves becoming aware of your…...