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Embedded Journalism

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Embedded Journalism

COM: 235 Final Research Paper
April 24, 2014
Chloe Di-Tommaso
Dr. Meade

“Embedded Journalism”

Throughout our studies amongst media law and ethics, I have grown particularly absorbed by the weights and balances of embedded journalism within our war culture today. My research aims to evaluate both the values and drawbacks of the Pentagon’s decision to pursue embedded journalism during the war on terror in 2003. I will be offering an in-depth evaluation of the history, objectives and purposes of embedding, how embedding raises concerns with the First Amendment’s entitlements, and finally questioning the notion that embedded journalism decreases censorship and increases access. In order to understand the current iteration of embedded journalism, we must understand our nations history of war correspondents and their relations with soldiers (Mayfield, 2013). The history between the military and the media lays the foundation for embedded journalism and serves as a reminder that the absence of censorship in past wars provided the impact on todays embedded program into Iraq (Brandenburg, 2007). Military-media relations have been building up over time, it originated with the earliest correspondents in 1850 and today expands through British, French, and American military engagement with the media (Mayfield, 2013). It wasn’t until the second half of the twentieth century that America began utilizing their media to report on current warfare’s. However, journalistic freedom on war coverage became a target of criticism from political and military leaders shortly after the Vietnam War in 1973 and the first Gulf war in 1991. Forty years ago, the ending of the Vietnam War had concluded with a victory, and the start of Americas broadcasting phenomenon had just shifted into drive. As quickly as the Vietnam battle had been lost, news coverage was...

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