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Global Marketing
The foreign marketing involvement of a manufacturing company may widely vary from a state of no direct involvement to a state of total involvement. Several types of involvement are generally observed, even though they are not mutually exclusive nor sequentially progressive.
Depending on the kind and degree of its involvement in foreign marketing, a firm has to re-orient and re-organize its activities to cope with different levels of operational responsibilities inherent in such involvement. To throw some light on the issue, some guidelines are available from what is called EPRG orientation. The EPRG framework attempts, four broad types of orientation of a firm towards foreign marketing.
This paper aims to suggest a model to assist when deciding which foreign investor to select. In much of the current literature on the problem faced by the small transitional countries/companies, globalization by foreign transnational companies (TNCs) is considered to be the generic expansion strategy. The question is, however, which foreign investor to select. The paper evaluates the potentials of the EPRG scheme (Ethnocentrism, Polycentrism, Regiocentrism, and Geocentrism) in choosing foreign investor. It enables company to analyze and predict its competitors' behavior. (Biljana Crnjak-Karanovič).
The Ethnocentric, Polycentric, Regiocentric, and Geocentric Framework (EPRG) dates back to Perlmuter (1969) and his associates Wind and Douglas (1973). The EPRG framework identifies four management approaches or orientations of the company while internationalization process is taking place. The framework is based on the assumption that the level of a company’s involvement in the international business gradually evolves.
EPRG orientations describe an exporter's process of evolution and internalization. Companies begin by being Ethnocentric, i.e., they emphasize…...

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