Emerging Issues in Multicultural Psychology

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Emerging Issues in Multicultural Psychology
Danielle Philp
October 14, 2013
Dr. Edward Garrido

Emerging Issues Multicultural Psychology
The United States combines numerous cultures that are integrated and merged together. In theory this world seems to be a picture of harmony and unity, the reality of society is much more complex and challenging. With more immigrants from various cultures and backgrounds, the need for multicultural counseling increases. With this increase come two distinct issues for multicultural counseling: the counselor’s own personal culture, including his or her theoretical outlook, and the assortment of components forming the identity of the individual the counselor is advising.
Counselor’s Culture
In multicultural psychology it is essential to know of the client’s culture to be a culturally competent psychologist. However, many may overlook such that, competent psychologist need to be aware of his or her own personal culture and theoretical view. It is crucial to recognize and comprehend one’s culture and beliefs before commencing to understand and aid others, (Ibrahiam, 1985). Attentiveness to personal beliefs, acknowledgement of various frameworks of thinking and logic, and understanding of the influence these factors can have on one’s style of assistance and communication are needed to be culturally competent (Ibrahim, 1985). A deficiency in these areas may obstruct efficient intervention.
With the standard of psychology practice arising from predominantly European…...