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Emotional Response Created by Sparation


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An emotional response created by the separation between teachers and parents is the fear that the teacher will replace parents in their children’s affections. There are several conflicting emotions that the parent may have that contribute to this fear. One major conflicting emotion is competition. This includes competition in all areas. However, the main competition is for the child’s affection. The competition is intensified due to the child being attached to both the parent and the provider.
Another emotion is insecurity. Parents can feel insecure then they perceive that they are not number one in their child’s eyes. Insecurity can also mean fear of abandonment or fear of being replaced. Parents may also fear that questions or criticism will put their child at a disadvantage in school. However, in most cases, the provider is the secondary attachment for the child.
Guilt is another emotion parents sometimes may feel because the parents are not there as much as they should be because of work or other obligations. Parents are often show frustration at not being there and being able to help their children in addition to not getting to see them as much as the teachers do.
Parents may be reluctant to express their concerns because of cultural beliefs related to the authoritative position of the teacher. Parents may also be unsure of how to express their concerns to the teachers.
Research shows that parents provide a passionate feeling that is highly personalized and comes with a history and a future. During a power struggle between a parent and a child, you will see emotions seldom seen by two people. Sometimes providers can be critical of these exchanges. Providers must realize that this is what parenting is about. It is about connectedness. Connectedness results in intense interactions. When child care providers and parents develop a

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