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Noelia Gomez
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Essay 4
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Empathetic Have you ever put yourself in someone’s shoe? Or have the ability to understand what they are feeling? I would say all of us, in one time or another has done it. I know I have.
Purchasing a new home or a loss of someone special are some of the examples, we can relate of sharing someone’s emotional state. From birth we are showed the principles of appreciation by imitating our parents thru their sympathy towards us. As we grow up we develop skills that help us learn how to be good listeners, have feeling and show compassion for another human being. Undivided attention is one of the key of showing empathetic to a person. We always tend to interrupt to get our point across. Listening is not a talent that is easy to develop. Hearing is when you listen but you are thinking about something else, and listening is something you choose to do, while at the same time you are analyzing what the person is saying. It is recognizing not only what is said but how it was said. While listening is a big factor, sharing the person affection is part of it as well. Fear, anger and happiness are some of the emotions we uncover when we portray empathy. It’s very difficult to relate with them at the time you are having a situation being explain to yourself. You have to gain experience thru the years to know how to express them. Most of the persons can relate to them because they have gone thru similar circumstance and they feel more comfortable expressing it. Others are uncomfortable with expressing themselves and not wanting other people feeling sorry for them, they put on a fake smile to hide what they are going thru. Not only it’s hard to open up but knowing that others are in need is another way to strive for Compassion. One of the most valuable attributes we...

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