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Empire Prospect’s vision statement : ‘A telecommunication specialist contractors as our core business, always developing business as civilian contractors and suppliers, sharing sustenance and expertise with staff and community, produce and create a knowledgeable staff and self-reliance.

Component | Empire Prospect | 1. The company wants to become what in the future? | Empire Prospect stated that they want to be a telecommunication specialist contractors as their core business. | 2. Did the company involve all the elements and the members? | The phase “ sharing sustenance and expertise with staff and community” refers to the involvement of the elements and members of the company. | 3. Is the company showing the image and capability as shown in the vision? | The phase “always developing business as civilian contractors and suppliers” imply that the capabilities of the company to achieve. | 4. The company guide, shape, gives direction and purpose and can serve as powerful motivator or not? | Emipre Prospect showed that they can serves as the direction and purpose of the company is by “sharing sustenance and expertise with staff and community, produce and create a knowledgeable staff and self-reliance”. | 5. Did the vision aligned with the core values of the firm? | The word “produce and create a knowledgeable staff and self-reliance” in the vision statement indicates the core values of the company. | 6. The vision statement has to be specific and clear. | Empire Prospect ‘s vision statement is specific and clear. The phase “A telecommunication specialist contractors as our core business, always developing business as civilian contractors and suppliers”. And the word “sharing sustenance and expertise with staff and community” are totally specific and clear to the members. | 7. The vision statement should be shorter, understandable and shared by anyone in the organization. | the vision for Empire Prospect is quite long but yet can be understandable by the members in organization. |

Empire Prospect ‘s mission statement : “To be Syariah-compliant contractors, global class customer choice”

Components | Empire Prospect | 1. customers | The phase “To be Syariah-compliant contractors, global class customer choice” indicated the customers concern in the mission statement. | 2. Products or services | The word “Syariah-compliant contractors” refers to the product and services that the provide. | 3. Market | There is no market in the Empire Prospect’s mission statement that stated. | 4. Technology | There is no technology in the Empire Prospect’s mission statement that stated. | 5. Concern for survival, growth and profitability. | The word “global class customer choice” indicates the concern for the survival, growth and profitability in this mission statement. | 6. Philosophy | There is no philosophy that stated in Empire Prospect ’s mission statement. | 7. Self-concept | The phase “to be Syariah-compliant contractors” refers to their self-concept. | 8. Concern for public image | The word “global class” indicates the concern for the public image in their mission statement. | 9. Concern for employees | The word “Syariah-compliant contractors” we can conclude as their concern for the employees. |

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