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Employee Benefits Hrm 240

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Employee Benefits Sheila Amparado July 29, 2012 HRM/240 Elizabeth Bossell

To: Upper Management
From: Sheila Amparado
Date: July 29’ 2012
Subject: Employee Benefits for Registered Nurses


Within our Healthcare Organization there a number of diverse employees it is extremely difficult to maintain appropriate benefits for each specific individual. Although it is difficult we need flexibility to put the correct benefits in place. As stated on July 1, 2012 healthcare cost are rising and there has been a large number of claims. We are suggesting new appropriate benefits for our Registered Nurses.
Recently the Human Resources Department and Upper Management attended a meeting to discuss different employee benefit plans. It was determined that our organization needs to reduce our companies total cost for these benefits. As an organization we are determined to provide our employees with best possible benefits that our company can afford at the present time.
Nonetheless, employees and their families need employee benefits. There are several reasons why employees need benefits: medical care, ensuring future finances, unexpected absences, and tragic events. Our organization needs to provide employee benefits in order to keep quality employees with positive attitudes. I have complied a brief summary of employee benefits that the organization would like to offer Registered Nurses in the year 2013.

Health Insurance

When providing health insurance for our Registered Nurses in order to cut cost for the company the Human Resources department suggests we provide a preferred provider organization (PPO). This will ensure a lower healthcare cost or organization. When a group of physicians establish an organization it will provide healthcare services to our employees through lower service...

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