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Employee Engagement at Startup Companies

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The purpose of this study is to identify most common strategies in managing employee engagement in startup companies in Seattle, Washington, US. Although many research and studies has been conducted to identify strategies to manage the employee engagement, many companies are still unsuccessful to improve their engagement level and their turnover rate. Therefore, this research will narrow the study of employee engagement to a specific type of company, so the result of this study will be most possible to be adopted and referred by other companies in the same category. Engagement level in thirty sample startups will be determined using ISA Engagement Scale and common HR strategies will be evaluated among companies with higher employee engagement score. In the future, the findings of this study can be use as a reference for practitioners at startup companies to develop a better human resource strategy, improving their employee engagement level.
Keywords: engagement, startups, human resources, strategy

According to State of the Global Workplace Study by Gallup, there are only 13% of employees are engaged at work in the world. In other word, only one in eight employees that are emotionally committed to their work, contributing to the company’s growth by working effectively and efficiently. Studies have proved that engaged employees contribute to the company’s performance (Arrowsmith & Parker, 2013; Reilly, 2014; Pollitt, 2008) and strategies to improve employee engagement has been identified by numbers of scholars, practitioners and experts. However, many companies are still unsuccessful to control their employees turnover rate, which will lead to a financial loss, low workplace morale, deteriorate product or service quality and return on investment rate declining (Markovich, 2015).
One of the key success factors of high performing...

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