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Employee Engagement - Development

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Employee Engagement - Development

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This research analyzes the significance of employee development programs that emphasizes on employee engagement. It also focuses on the organization involvement in career development plans. As analysis methods, we created a survey that was issued to friends and family. We also conducted a focus group with an undergraduate class. The results determined that training and development will increase employee engagement.
The purpose of this project is to understand and analyze the importance of employee development programs. Not focusing on one organization allows the project to be a general overview. This project will provide conclusions and recommendations for employee engagement.
There is no single formula for creating an employee development program, but there are some important components that should be considered. A truly effective employee development program should include learning, career planning, goal setting, and evaluation. These areas will help the program be beneficial to the employees who utilize and to the organization that provides it. Without them, the employee development reverts back to being simply thinking.
According to Schein, Organizations today are undergoing a metamorphosis. Whether one thinks of it as “downsizing,””rightsizing,””flattening,” becoming a “learning organization,” or simply as “transformations” into something as yet unknown, no one would challenge the fact that profound changes are occurring worldwide. These changes in the occupational environment have implications for career development in the future. Will there even be a concept as an “organizational career” or will careers become a more fragmented set of jobs held together far more by what I have labeled the “internal career,” By the concept of internal career I mean the...

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