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Employee Orientation Checklist

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EMPLOYEE | Name: _______________ Start Date: __________ | INFORMATION | Position: __________ Manager: _______________ | | | FIRST DAY | 1. [ ] New Employee Handbook | (Human Resources) | 2. [ ] Assign "buddy" employee(s) to assist with general questions. | | |

POLICIES | 3. [ ] Review key policies. | (Human
Resources) | Anti-harassment
Vacation and Sick Leave
FMLA/Leaves of Absence
Time and leave reporting
Performance reviews
Dress code | Personal conduct standards
Progressive disciplinary actions
Emergency procedures
E-mail and Internet usage | ADMINISTRATIVE
PROCEDURES | 4. [ ] Review general administrative procedures. | (Human
Resources) | Office/desk/work station
Mail (Incoming and Outgoing)
Shipping (FedEx, Airborne and UPS)
Business cards
Purchase requests | Telephones
Building access cards
Conference rooms
Picture ID badges
Expense reports
Office supplies |

(Facilities) | 5. [ ] Give introductions to department staff and key personnel during tour. 6. [ ] Tour of facility, including: | | Rest rooms
Mail rooms
Copy centers
Fax machines
Bulletin board
| Printers
Office supplies
Coffee/vending machines
Water coolers
Emergency exits | POSITION
(Manager) | 7. [ ] Introductions to team and department staff. 8. [ ] Review initial job assignments and training plans. 9. [ ] Review job description and performance expectations and standards. 10. [ ] Review job schedule and hours. 11. [ ] Review payroll timing, time cards (if applicable), policies and procedures. | | | |

Services) | 12. [ ] Hardware and software review, including: | | E-mail
MS Office suite | Internet...

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