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MGT 311: Portfolio Management Plan
Richard Fenton
August 25, 2012
Pamela Harris

Management Plan Portfolio
Riordan Manufacturing have implemented a management plan to develop their capability of managing employees. They have asked a few employees to complete self-assessments about their job satisfaction. These self-assessments will allow management to discover characteristics of the employees and determine how these characteristics affect Riordan Manufacturing. Self-assessments analyzed job satisfaction, emotions, how their emotions affect them, and how they make decisions. After a thorough analysis of the self-assessments, additional recommendations will be presented to assist Riordan Manufacturing gain a better perspective on the management and motivation of their employees.
The participant in the Riordan Manufacturing self-assessments are Jonathan Cervantes, Lori Credico, and Holly Hunter. The following self-assessments were administered to the employees: How Satisfied Am I with My Job?, What’s My Affect Intensity?, Am I A Deliberate Decision Maker?, and How Are You Feeling Right Now? Management could identify their strengths and weaknesses manager based on the self-assessments of each employee and developed a plan on how to place employees in an area where each employee will feel more engaged in their job.
Lori Credico’s self-assessments indicate a job satisfaction rating below average. Lori is affected by her moods only moderately, is a deliberate decision maker, and exhibits positive emotions. Holly Hunter has above average rating in job performance, is moderately affected by moods, shows both rash and deliberate decision-making and demonstrates fairly neutral emotions. Jonathan Cervantes indicate a low level of job satisfaction, high in affect intensity, is a deliberate decision maker and exhibited positive emotions on his self-assessments.…...