Employee Portfolio Management Plan

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Employee Portfolio Management Plan
Self Assessments are quizzes that help evaluate employees on their skills, interests, personality, and values. “As ethical problems have increased in organizations, integrity tests have gained popularity. These paper-and-pencil tests measure factors such as dependability, carefulness, responsibility, and honesty; they have proven to be powerful predictors of supervisory ratings of job performance and of theft, discipline problems, and excessive absenteeism” (Robbins & Judge, 2011, pg. 1). As a manager for Riordan Manufacturing, three employees took a series of self-assessment tests for my organization. The analysis and interpretation scores of all three are positive and all three would make a great contribution to the organization. Positive people cognitively process more efficiently and are more productive.
Job Satisfaction and Engaged
High job satisfaction was above the range that determines lower levels of absenteeism, and their general attitude toward work is positive. Their engaged scores were also high, which defines these employees are in a positive state of motivation and fulfillment. “Individuals who score high in this category are loyal, dedicated, willing to devote considerable time to work, feel inspired by and proud of their work, and become immersed and absorbed while performing their work” (Stephen P. Robbins/University of Phoenix, 2005-2009). My employees are content coming to work and will possess good work ethics and values. They are self motivated will perform to high standards and will create a positive work.
Emotional intensity scores for all three were a bit higher than the average scale. Emotions, moods, and dispositions have an impact on job performance, decision making, creativity, teamwork, and leadership. However, this is good if emotions are displayed in a positive and not in…...