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Employee Productivity and Job Satisfaction

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Employee productivity and job Satisfaction Research Project
MSA 699
Sabrina Foster
Central Michigan University

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Chapter 1

Problem Definition
Express is a fashion forward retail store with multiple locations worldwide. A unique fashion powerhouse selling both men and women clothing with over 30 years experience. (, 2014) “Express is not about a single point in time, but rather a spirit energy, and a belief that we can and will be the best retail fashion brand in the world” says Chairman and CEO Michael Weiss. (, 2014) Express associated with Limited brands, which are responsible for stores such as Bath and body works, Victoria’s Secret and The Limited. (, 2014) Leaving them with a rich brand history of success. The company has values they follow which have contributed to its success. These values are; do the right thing and do things right, begin and end with our customer in mind, passion with a purpose and performance matters. (, 2014) Employees working at Express are exceptional at creating a shopping experience similar to dining at a five star restaurant. From beginning to end the customer should feel important and well taken care of through their wardrobe journey. (, 2014)
Employees at Express are among the best sales personal. (, 2014) When a sales associate wants to move up with the company how does an employee show they are interested in moving forward with the company show, how would an employee improve their status with...

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