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Employee Suggestion Implementation Project

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Advanced Professional Roles and Values
Employee Suggestion Implementation Project
Yarenis Alba
Western Governors University

Working in a hospital unit can sometimes be very difficult. Nurses must do everything accordingly to practice positive time management while still providing quality care to their patients. In emergency situations, certain supplies should readily available when needed in order to effectively respond to patients needs during emergency situations. Sometimes making sure the unit is adequately stocked with supplies gets put aside or forgotten simply because we become occupied in everyday tasks. This research includes identifying deficits in supply demand and proposition of solution to positively affect time management and patient satisfaction using suggestions voiced by current stakeholders.

Employee Suggestion Implementation Project

Working on a busy Medical-Surgical hospital unit can sometimes be difficult. Although we (Nurses) generally have all the tools, supplies, and resources to correctly care for patients, sometimes there are areas that can be improved in our department to maintain the fluidity of caring for patients seamlessly. In preparation for this upcoming project, I placed an employee suggestion box in our departments break room back in November 2013. Staff on our floor was advised of this box via our hospitals email system. The staff was advised that this box was placed to serve as a means of communicating our frustrations when we hit a roadblock or encountered a barrier in being able to deliver quality care to our patients. On December 23, 2013, I opened the box and read through the suggestions. I had a meeting with our unit charge nurse and communicated the suggestions that were placed in the box by our staff.
The first suggestion that was decided to be...

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