Employee Turnover

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Investigating employee turnover in a department or division Wells Fargo Bank
Wells Fargo is a public organization having expertise in financial products. The company has expanded across different regions thereby trying to attain globalization. It has been offering advices on investments, loans, insurance and several other business products. The company believes that their strong commitment towards work along with commitment by every employee had enabled them to reach great heights. Wells Fargo bank has large number of customers getting served financially on a daily basis. However, they have experienced financial issues recently which forced them to poor management of employees. Ultimately, the customer reactions were worst and they have suffered as much. The low employee morale in turn revealed the poor economic status prevailing in the organization and this indeed reflected their efficiency in operations management.
Wells Fargo’s expansion indicates a large size of the company and they have been operating in various market segments satisfying the demographical changes. It is the consultant of Wells Fargo bank being used here to gather relevant points for the research paper. Customer satisfaction is believed to be their strength but this was once their issue. Still, this has not been fulfilled completely. The impact of recession on Wells Fargo bank was relatively high such that they had faced worst situations where they lost clients and customers. The employee turnover was also less. It has recently been noticed that this company has taken attempts to overcome the issues faced as a result of recession and enable growth. The employee strengths were increased and their business lines were expanded so that their reach is vast.

Problem Statement
The main aim of this research paper is to study the past and present functions of Wells Fargo bank in…...