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Employees Relations Program

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Employee Relations Program
HRM531 PR – Human Capital Management in Puerto Rico
University of Phoenix
May 8, 2012

Employee Relations Program
According to Mondy (2007) to ensure that workers with the proper skills and experience are available at all levels, constant and concerted efforts are required to maintain good internal employee relations. Internal employee relations comprise the human resource management activities associated with the movement of employees within the organization. These activities include promotion, transfer, demotion, resignation, discharge, layoff, and retirement. Discipline and disciplinary action are also crucial aspects of internal employee relations. In addition an employee’s relations include a compensation program, a dispute resolution program, a performance management program, and a labor relations program.
For employees one important aspect is to be properly compensated; that is been paid according to his productivity and performance, and to value the KSA she or he brings to the organization. A method of accomplishing this is by ensuring salaries are competitive when comparing with other companies or competitors; linking their performance with a rewards system, and rewarding those employees who meets productivity goals. All these efforts promote enthusiasm, high performance and productivity. At a minimum good compensation program will attempt to keep quality employees from leaving the company. Another important aspect of an employee relations program for an employee is to have an effective Alternative Dispute Resolution program. Conflict is inevitable in any organization. At one point or another conflict will take place and the best way to deal with conflict is quickly and with the outmost seriousness and confidentiality. An effective ADR program should guarantee that employee’s issues will be heard and dealt with under...

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