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Employment Termination

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Employment Termination
What Every Manager Should Know
Termination is one of the most difficult tasks a manager will have to perform. A manager needs to have a good understand of everything that is involved in an employee exiting the company.
This paper is designed to do just that by giving a broad overview of the topic and highlighting the most important parts. By reading this paper a manager should be much more prepared and less likely to commit a mistake during the termination of an employee. The manager should also be able to make the termination a smoother transition and therefore an easier task to complete.
Definitions of some of the important terms are given to give a manager a better understanding of some of the main ideas involved in employment termination. There are basic ideas that go along with each definition to give a better idea of why the term is important to the topic.
Termination from Employment
Termination from employment occurs when an employee’s job ends. Termination can be voluntary or involuntary.
Voluntary Termination
Voluntary termination is when an employee voluntarily ends his or her employment at an organization. This would include resignation or retirement. Another common reason for voluntary termination is a new or better job, typically one that offers higher remuneration or improved career prospects [ (Heathfield, Termination) ].
Involuntary Termination
Employment can also be involuntary, meaning that the employee is terminated by the employer. Employees can be involuntarily terminated in two main ways; for cause and at will. Employees can also be laid-off when there is no work available for them; another example of involuntary termination [ (Heathfield, Termination) ].
Termination For Cause
When an employee is terminated for cause they are fired from their job for a specific reason. This could...

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