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Emr Implementation Experience

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What have we learned from the recent EMR implementation experience? What works, what doesn’t work, and why?

Implementing an EMR system in a clinical practice has been a formidable task in the healthcare industry. Although, details of the experience may differ from one healthcare setting to another. Many research studies have pointed out the following as the common issues to EMR implementation, these includes leadership, workflow, provider, training, data interface and end users. These issues speak a volume about the success or the failure of the implementation.

Leadership plays a huge role in EMR Implementation. When I talk of leadership, I refer to a variety of personnel ranging from CEO to clinic staff who are able and willing to provide organizational support, remove barriers, provide framework for communication plans for all staff with adequate timeline to lead on the EMR project. I do agree with Stephen Badger who stated that, ‘if a senior team is united in its commitment to a project’s success, the project will almost certainly succeed’. A report from the American College of Medical Informatics stressed the need for unwavering commitment of the the top-level leadership as a factor to success in the EMR project. In most institution hospitals and other bigger clinics where EMR implementation was reported as a huge success, a dynamic leader was always noted as the driving force behind their HIT projects as in the case of Beth-Israel Deaconess Hospital where Dr. John Halamka championed their Information technology and clinical operation Project. It is therefore imperative to have a committed leader with foresight who can steadily drive people and resources.

Little insight into the clinic’s workflows and roles by the vendors before and after the implementation of an EMR is a big issue among the providers. In most settings were EMR has been implemented,…...

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