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Alyssa Bauman

“Why We Crave Horror Movies” by Steven King presents an intriguing philosophy of watching horror movies. I believe that the purpose behind this article is to appeal to the reader’s unrealized dark side. King implies that are able to overcome their hysterical fear of things when they’re confronted with it and watching a horror movie is the easiest way to do that. He explains that in some way we all have this courage to overcome our deepest fears and one of the ways we show it is placing ourselves, in this case a movie theater, directly in front of what we know will scare us.
The intended audience for this article is most likely the younger age demographic.
Horror Movies are especially popular with ages 15-35. When you are younger you have this need to seek out new experience and thrills. Throughout the essay King directs a message to the young by making a comparison of horror movies to roller coasters describing the excitement that is felt throughout the ride. King is trying to persuade his reading audience to watch horror movies that bring his popularity up because he has books that have been made into movies.
Although persuasive, King's article does not have factual evidence to solidify his argument that we all crave horror movies. The article uses many rhetorical strategies such as: compare and contrast, analysis and evaluation, cause and effect, absolutes, generalizations, and assumptions. King's ability to use these strategies demonstrates why he is one of the most popular authors of this generation. There are people that will watch it because they want to be scared to death. Some people think that it is fun to be scared to death.
In conclusion, Stephen King is a good author. I have read a few of his books and they can be scary. I still have a very fear of clowns because of the movie “IT”. Some people think that everything he writes is scary but you have to look at it from a different point of view. The point of view that he comes across as is to be scary but also real. You never know what is going to be out there one day.

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