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“Does technology make life unnecessarily difficult? How much is too much?”
Kameron A. Green
ITT Technical Institute

Some people might find it hard to believe that there was once a time when people didn’t rely on technology to do everything for them. As the world advances in years, the use and implementation of technology becomes more and more relevant. Today, people use technology for everything from checking up on their social media, to paying bills and running businesses. Technology has made it possible for anyone to find anything they need or get anything they want with little to no effort being put into it. While it may seem like that is a good thing to be able to do all of these things from some device or computer, there is also a side to it that everyone seems to let pass over their heads… how complicated everything has become.

In the world we live in today, the use of technology has become almost as required as the need for breathing air. Think about how many times a day you go around checking your social media, or looking down to your phone for a text message, or even playing games on your cell phone. Today, people use technology for everything from checking up on their social media, to paying bills and running businesses. ““Ok – what’s so bad about that?” you may ask. “Why waste those little grey cells on mundane memory tasks that our devices can do better and more conveniently?” Good questions – UNTIL you lose your phone or you have to change PCs – then you are in communications hell until you sort it all out.” (Shapiro, 2010) With technology becoming such an important part of our lives, it has made what used to give us something to look forward to no longer exciting.…...

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