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Encouraging Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

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Encouraging cultural diversity in the workplace


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Strengths The Carnival Corporation has many strengths that have helped the organization become so successful. These strengths range from brand recognition to diversity. The corporation has established a recognizable brand. The carnival cruise ships are known to be all about fun and when their name is mentioned the consumers know exactly what to expect. “ Carnival offers a range of holiday and vacation products through its diverse brand portfolio to a customer base that is varied in terms of culture, languages, and leisure-time preferences” (Carnival Corporation, 2013). The very well established brand has allowed for the corporation to grow into more than a million dollar organization. The branding has been important in becoming successful at cultural diversity because it needs to satisfy the needs of many. If this company were to lack the brand recognition it would not be capable of being so global and innovative. The method that Carnival has used to become so distinct from its other competitors is by targeting a different demographics and offering a different ambiance aboard the Carnival cruises. The corporation has an array of cruise lines such as: Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, Holland...

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