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End of Watch

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Justin Champlin
“End of Watch”

"End of Watch" is one of the best police movies in recent years and not just because I think so, a beautiful fusion of performances and great action. Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña are Taylor and Zavala, two Los Angeles street cops who bend a few rules but must be acknowledged as heroes. After too many police movies about officers who essentially use their badges as licenses to run wild, it's inspiring to realize that these men take their mission to serve and protect with such seriousness they're willing to risk their lives.
Taylor and Zavala fit the template of the "cop buddy movie," but "End of Watch" plays such a deeper role than that. They've been partners for years and are so close that Zavala's wife, Gabby (Natalie Martinez), and Taylor's girlfriend, Janet (Anna Kendrick), become more or less like sisters throughout the film. The two cops are transferred to a tough, largely populated Mexican-American district, where their intel and sometimes foolish persistence to not give up leads them across the plains of a Mexican cartel operating in Los Angeles. The assignment they “put themselves on” is more fit for a detective, but they don’t the pure adrenaline rush that ensues throughout the movie, and eventually becomes so dangerous to the cartel that a hit is ordered against them.
As the movie opens, Taylor is filming a video documentary about his job, for a film class he's taking. "End of Watch" begins with his narration about the nature of his job. All through the movie, Jake Gyllenhaal reveals a side of him that we rarely see in other movies, one of the most stunning performances to date. Michael Pena gives one of the performances of his career as the other cop, and the reality of their relationship is on great through the whole film. We wouldn't believe some of the things they do if we didn't believe who they are. “End of…...

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