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Andrew or Ender Wiggin was the third in a family of child geniuses and was picked by a special military group to save the world from aliens or what they call in the book buggers. Before Ender was chosen, he had to wear a monitor that allowed people from the military to see what he was doing and that monitor was taken out when he was chosen but Ender thought that the military didn’t want him anymore just like his siblings. Ender’s older siblings also wore the same monitor but neither of them was chosen and that made one of his siblings mad and the name of that sibling was Peter and when the monitor was taken out of Ender Peter’s anger didn’t even decrease by a bit. But it’s also the same with Ender’s schoolmates because they tried to beat him up, but Ender stood up for …show more content…
In the Battle School Ender learns how to maneuver in gravity with a Launchie named Alai and he helps Ender fit in with the group. During break time Ender manages to get further than anyone in a computer game called the mind game and the military commanders notice it and was immediately promoted to Salamander Army. During his time with the Salamander Army, he makes friends with the only girl in the army Petra. But Bonzo the leader in the army doesn't like Ender and doesn’t want him to be around so he and Ender make a promise and the promise was that Ender can train so he can be good enough to get traded but the catch about the promise was that Ender wasn’t allowed to participate in battles. Ender practices with Petra and his Launchies during break times and during one of the battles he disobeyed Bonzo and participated in the battle and helped the Salamander Army win because they were losing but Bonzo was still mad even though helped the team. But fortunately for Bonzo, Ender gets traded to the Rat Army. Ender is put on Dink’s platoon in the Rat Army and now Ender is allowed to go to battles because Bonzo isn’t in his army anymore. Ender still continues to train with his Launchies but

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