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Shakespeare vs. Goold
Ambition can be defined as the desire and willinkgness to strive towards achievement or distinction, consequently creating a tragic hero. The play Macbeth by William Shakespeare is a play of denial and ambition. Driven to becoming King, Macbeth will eliminate anything in his way. He believes the prophesies of three witches, after their first prophesy comes true and therefore commits various crimes to achieve his ultimate goal. Although both Rupert Goolds movie and William Shakespeare’s play portray Macbeth as a character who is cruel and takes a part in various events that lead to his downfall, Goolds interpretation of the play while examining the setting and character development differs from Shakespeare’s original version; this allows the audience to feel less sympathy for Macbeth as it shows Macbeths true intensions to achieve his lust for the throne. The environment is a crucial aspect of one’s life. Depending where they live, ones surrounding affects their reactions and decisions. In the play, the setting clarifies the various themes and characters. The setting was on a dark, gloomy battlefield and castles inhabited by the characters in the play. This is proven when Duncan says “this castle hath a pleasant seat; the air Nimbly and sweet recommends itself Unto our gentle senses” (1.6-1-3). In this quote, Duncan is stating that the castle is a pleasant place but he does not know that he is going to be killed in a matter of time by Macbeth. Duncan thinks that Macbeth’s castle is safe and secure because he is accustomed to the environment. Many characters are used to the setting which is why it is easier for Macbeth to murder them without any suspicion. In the movie, Rupert Goold places the setting in a militaristic, bleak and...

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Enders Game is to be the leaders of the army that defends Earth from the "Third Invasion." Ender is one of those children. Andrew Wiggin's very birth was government mandated, where most families are allowed only two children, but the government requisitioned his birth. After a short six years of torment from his genius older brother Peter, and love from his genius older sister Valentine, Ender is recruited into the army after passing tests, and quickly rises to the top of the class. Loved and hated by other students at Battle School, Ender is isolated by his success, in the games that the students play, and by his teachers treatment of his excellence. The adults do not give him the chance to settle in and find a peer group instead they push him with such urgency that they are willing to break the entire Battle School system down. Colonel Graff, the one who found and groomed Ender, runs Battle School and risks his reputation, and humanity's existence, on his strong belief that Ender is the one who can defeat the Buggers. Battle School consists of games. there is a Fantasy Game, a game room (like an arcade), and the battle room, where war games are played in zero gravity. The battle room plays a key role in Battle School, and students often get so caught up in the game that they seldom realize that they're at the school to defeat the Buggers. One such student, Bonzo Madrid, comes to hate Ender, and Bonzo plans to kill him. Ender's excellence pulls through in battle after......

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...Children’s Literature 10 December 2013 The Mysterious Disappearance of Locke and Demosthenes Ender’s Game is a well known science-fiction genre book that is most popular with the young-adult reader demographic. The novel was published in 1985 and written by the American author Orson Scott Card (Card). The official website of Orson Scott Card states that Ender’s Game was the winner of both the Nebula and Hugo awards for best novel in 1985 and 1986, respectively (OSC). In November of 2013 the movie adaption was released to the public with a runtime of one hour and fifty-four minutes and was met with mixed reviews garnishing only a “74% fresh” on the movie critics site (Rotten). Like many books that are adapted into movies, fans and critics usually side with the book being a better portrayal of the story than the movie version. Dennis Schwartz, a movie critic from Ozus' World Movie Reviews, expresses his views on the comparison between the movie and book by writing, “Might have worked as a clever thought-provoking read, on film it's a drag” (Schwartz). This common occurrence of the book being better than the movie can be easily explained by remembering that a movie should usually stay around the two hour time mark and that money is a big factor in adapting a book. The major differences between the book and the movie are that Ender’s timeline is completely changed, Ender is portrayed to be a more likable character, and that the cutaways back to Earth with......

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...Nicholas SoaresBenefits of sports activities in the early ageComposition and Rhetoric John M. Scholte Playing sports as a children has many positive aspects, it ensures the adequate development of bones and muscles, it regulates the metabolism, promotes socialization and, if practiced properly, is a very pleasant and enjoyable way for children to have fun while staying healthy. “Sport can affect a child’s development of self-esteem and self-worth. It is also within sport that peer status and peer acceptance is established and developed.” Dr. Robert (Children and Sport: An Introduction ) . From an early age, our children lead a sedentary life, they spend many hours in bed, then they go to kindergarten or school most of the time getting a ride from mom's car or using public transportation, where they remain for seven to eight hours a day, if not more. Then back home, so they can do their homework and after that if not earlier they watch television, have dinner and go to bed. The result is a real small amount of body activities during the day. This such sedentary lifestyle can lead to the overweight problem and even worst if is been associated with an improper diet as we know how easy is to overindulge in snacks and meals while sitting in front of the television, and that can cause the risk if not stopped in time that there can be an increase on the cholesterol values and an elevation in blood pressure, that can......

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...carry you,’ said Ender, ‘I’ll go from world to world until I find a time and a place where you can come awake in safety. And I’ll tell your story to my people, so that perhaps in time, they can forgive you, too. The way that you’ve forgiven me’” (Card 321). Ender’s words encompass the themes that are shown throughout Ender’s Game. Ender’s Game is a story centered around a child by the name of Andrew “Ender” Wiggin, and his ability to command the Earth’s Military and defeat the aliens that once attacked the Earth, the Buggers. Through redemption and strength, Ender trains and fights to become their leader, and perhaps the Earth’s only savior. There are two forms of the Ender’s Game story, the original novel, Written by Orson Scott Card,...

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...Ender is a monster because he killed the bugger planet without completely understanding them. He also killed other kids unknowingly but still should’ve stopped fighting them once they were on the ground. Ender should have listened to his voice inside that told him to stop fighting his opponent once they are in the ground. A six year old should not be killing other six year olds. One reason why Ender is a monster because he killed one of his piers, Stilson. After Peter stops Ender from breathing, “Ender stood there watching him laugh and thought of Stilson, thought of how it felt to crunch into his body. This is who needed it. This is who should have got it” (14). Even after Ender kills Stilson, he is still considering getting into a fight again,...

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...Andrew or Ender Wiggin was the third in a family of child geniuses and was picked by a special military group to save the world from aliens or what they call in the book buggers. Before Ender was chosen, he had to wear a monitor that allowed people from the military to see what he was doing and that monitor was taken out when he was chosen but Ender thought that the military didn’t want him anymore just like his siblings. Ender’s older siblings also wore the same monitor but neither of them was chosen and that made one of his siblings mad and the name of that sibling was Peter and when the monitor was taken out of Ender Peter’s anger didn’t even decrease by a bit. But it’s also the same with Ender’s schoolmates because they tried to beat him up, but Ender stood up for...

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Compare And Contrast Ender's Game Movie And Book separated from your family, and being a world hero at the age of 12 Jesus to some and Hitler to others? In the book The Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card ,Ender Wiggen, the protagonist of the book, a six year young boy who was separated from his family, taken away to battle school out in space in order to be trained to become a military commander to thwart the enemies, the Buggers, from destroying the human kind. He is betrayed, manipulated and tricked into `destroying an entire species experiencing all of this he attains maturity at a very young age following makes a very important decision towards the end of the book. Although, the book and the movie were both great, I prefer the book over the movie for the sake of details....

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...Most of chapter 11 is about Ender being unfairly treated when it comes to the rules of the game, first they have their first battle after only 3 weeks when most armies get their first battle after three months. Dragon army also carries a negative history since the last army they barely won a third of its games. Ender is always given the a challenge he does not want but instead of giving up he always accepts it. They also had 2 battles in one day and that had never happened. Ender has been sleeping less and trying to come up with new effective tactics for the battles since they have more games than any other army so if they do the same thing for all of them they would eventually lose. Even after all the challenges thrower at Ender, he has...

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...Colonel Graff is a good mentor in Ender’s Game only because he was trying to prepare Ender to save the world for a greater good. According to the text, Graff told Ender, “Maybe you’ll break down under the pressure, maybe it’ll ruin your life, maybe you’ll hate me for coming here to your house today. But if there’s a chance that because you’re with the fleet, mankind might survive and the buggers might leave us alone forever---then I’m going to ask you to do it. To come with me” (Card 25). This shows that Colonel Graff has really good intentions, and that even if it might put Ender in a lot of pressure, it’s to save mankind from the buggers. Additionally, in chapter 4, after Ender demonstrates the realization “that in null gravity directions...

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...In the novel Enders Game, written by Orson Scott Card, Andrew (Ender) Wiggin is the youngest child of three Wiggin brothers. Ender is the chosen one by the I.F. to command the fleet that will defeat the buggers and save all the human race in the Third Invasion. The qualities that make him the perfect candidate to command earth’s fleet against the buggers are that he ends all future battles, understands his enemies , he is a genius and a creative problem solver. Ender ends all future and present battles. When Peter made the following statement Ender agrees on it, “The power to cause pain is the only power that matters, the power to kill and destroy, because if you can’t kill then you are always subject to those who can, and nothing and no one will ever save you.” (Scott 149). He doesn’t like anybody invading his personal space, so he puts an end to the situation by afflicting so much to his opponent causing the aggressor to never bother him again. If you have the power to inflict pain to others, it gives you a position of leadership because, you have the ability to make people do what you want them to do. The pain inflicted on the enemy...

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...In Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game, unfortunatley Enders contract and the fact that he was the third child made his relationship with his family rather unusal and strained. The governent strongly proposed that Enders parents have a third child. The military and Colonel Graff was really desperate and hopeful that Ender would have what it takes to become a brilliant military leader that would contribute to their victory over the buggers! The reason why they were desperate to have someone capeable of leading the war was because they did not know when the aliens would decide to strike. It was extremely important to Ender's parents that they had a compliant family that had followed the law of having two kids. Having Ender as a third child created a enormous amount of conflict due to the sacrifices they have made. A example of how it created conflict was explained by Colonel Graff. He said that they did not want to reveal their religons since they did not follow the law because the father's family had nine kids when they are only suppose to have two kids. Also, the mother's family had more than two kids. Another example of conflict is Peter, brother of Ender, is very jealous and proud because he also wanted to be a military leader....

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...Steven McClure Book Report 6/22/2016 Enders Game In the book Enders Game, the setting takes place on a ship far away from the homeland Earth. Also taking place in some-time in the distant future. The young boy in the beginning of the novel who's name is Ender Wiggin, who has been chosen to save the entire human race against the alien name called Buggers. He had to go through extreme training and show potential, that he is qaulified to enter Battle School, which is a school in space. He also had a hard life in his early childhood. He has been picked on for being the third, being the third is also known as being the third child. In this case having more than two children during that time was frowned upon, and that lead Ender to get teased...

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... Graff wants to set it up with games that are very challenging, but Anderson disagrees, all games should be fair. Graff agrees with that but he knows Ender will be trained better if the games were more tricky since war is harder than games. Anderson threatens to report Graff because what he is doing is wrong. Ender moves to Rat Army where Rose the Nose is in charge. He is told that he is not allowed to use his desk and not allowed to practice with the Launchies. He’s then assigned to Dink Meeker's platoon. Dink tells him he is allowed to whatever and Rose can’t control him. He trains Ender really hard and taught him more things than Petra did. He would still practice with the other...

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...species!” Shouted Ender. His anger and disappointment in himself became too much for him to handle. The spectators were cheering in excitement, but the problem was still intact. The game pushed Ender over the edge, he was in shock, and panic, and distraught from what just happened. Ender’s Game is a story of a six-year-old boy named, Ender, trying to save mankind from the “buggers”, which are essentially aliens. He was instructed to leave earth and his family to participate in battle school where he learned to kill and fight in the Third Invasion of the aliens and humans. On his journey, he learns the tactics and rules for war through games the government controls. Ender is thought to be the chosen one: to save the planet from complete destruction. The movie is very similar to the book, but the book is better in multiple ways because it is more descriptive, less confusing, and explains what the characters are feeling in a better manner. Ender is qualified to be one of the smartest kids on the planet, the way his brain thinks and processes things, he has no match for competition. In the...

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...Ender joins a program called “International Fleet” where it trains the smartest children to become a great leader. With his skills, he goes on a journey to win victory over his enemies. Hero’s Journey and Ender’s Game are similar to each other in many different ways which you will begin to learn later in the story. Ender Wiggin, is a special kid, he is a “third”, in his world, it’s unusual to have a third child, but not only is he a “third” he is a genius. One day Ender gets recruited by Colonel Graff to join the International Fleet leaving his brother Peter and his sister Valentine behind. At Battle School Ender’s skills allows him to lead his own squadron to train for the real attack. Eventually, Ender gets moved to planet Eros but, after...

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