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Even though it is too large of a task to handle, the human race altogether needs to understand what energy conservation provides because energy conservation may save human lives as well as the entire human population as a whole; the greatness about energy conservation is that it can save households and businesses money. The world today is built upon speed, demand, and the power of energy. Today's human way of life works around consuming energy in many aspects of daily life because we use an enormous amount of transportation, heat, and electricity. Energy conservation is the basic performance of diminishing the amount of energy consumption that takes place in our daily lives. Enormous amounts of human and governmental effort may bring forth a massive reduction of energy costs, as well as cause many humans to become healthier in various ways.

In this dissertation, I will provide background information on energy conservation. I will focus on factors and contributors that affect all things on earth non-living and living. In scope, I will also focus on the positive and negative issues that arise with energy consumption, which in turn impacts humans. The reader will review a complete evaluation of current sustainability strategies and solutions for energy conservation. This research will also provide a sustainability plan of its own to deliver to the reader. The sustainability plan will include benefits and challenges of the plan as well as the required government, societal, and global support.

In many forms, energy is probably one of the world's greatest inventions since the beginning of time. Man made energy saves humans time by creating heat, light, speedy transportation, and the use of equipment i.e.:(computers, microwaves, toasters, meters, preservation, etc.). Heat is sometimes needed to bring about the human body, animal body, and vegetation to a sustainable degree of temperature. Thus using the works of electricity can assist in the production of heat and distributing it in a conventional heater or furnace. According to the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center, energy is formulated and transformed into thermal energy to provide humans, animals, and vegetation alike with assistance. Humans sometimes use heat to cook food, animals may be provided with electric heaters in the winter to provide warmth in their kennels, and some vegetation may require some electrical energy to grow in a greenhouse to produce heat to prevent freezing in the winter.

Electrical lighting provides many entities on earth visibility for day and nighttime use; this simply keeps our world continuously working in businesses, homes, and other needs. Transportation is a vital element for the human way of life. According to the Research and Innovative Technology Administration, the United States and China's product trade is on the rise. Therefore, transportation is a key element that assists in providing countries with high demand. According to a writer on, a website that allows people to write freely, tells a short synopsis on why people need electrical goods. The writer tells that one time the power was out and could do nothing as far as simply calling someone. Simply put, the world does rely on man made energy to fulfill their daily tasks. Unknowingly to the human eye, the use of electrical items and services emit toxic gases back into the earth's atmosphere, which can be dangerous to our existence.

Many factors contribute to and affect global warming, due to energy consumption toxicities are all around us. Non-living factors that contribute to global warming are affixed to our daily lives. These non-living factors include but are not limited to the sun, earth's geothermal activity, and the earth's atmosphere. According to Calvin J. Hamilton of the solar views website, the sun creates about 6,000°C in high temperatures thus, creating heat that humans like to elude by using air conditions and cooling themselves down.

The earth's geothermal activity is energy that comes from beneath the surface of the earth. According to the Energy Information Agency, geothermal activity produces heat in many forms like volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, and fumaroles. Some of these geothermal energy entities can provide renewable energy. Therefore, when renewable energy produces its energy, humans consume them to make use of other electrical items just minimizing the emissions that of man made energy. With renewable energy being used it cuts the energy costs and lowers emissions of toxic gases.

According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the atmosphere is a blanket of air that surrounds the earth. There are seven levels of air density that the atmosphere contains thus creating different[pic] levels in which emission gases can get trapped in, creating hotter temperatures. Many emissions that energy resources contribute to the earth's atmosphere can cause major health concerns in humans, animals, and vegetation. According to Advameg, Inc. nuclear energy creates radioactive waste that can cause health problems in living organisms such as humans and other living life forms.

There are some positive and negative impacts towards humans in regard to global warming. For instance, since the ice in the northern hemisphere is depleting immensely, there would be an easier route to take when trading between countries allowing for ships to travel freely through it. According to the American Geophysical Union, researchers conducted a study that suggests global warming does not add to the making of hurricanes, but it actually is diminishing them. This new found research challenged against the opposite statement, that global warming was a contributor to hurricanes.

Pessimistically, energy consumption can cause the earth's oxygen to lessen as times go by. According to Fabian Mueller B.S, M.S, PhD, carbon monoxide is one of the main contributors that adversely affects the air with about 56 percent of all carbon monoxide emissions nationwide. According to the Ecopolitan web-site, cancer, leukemia, and radio wave sickness can all be caused by electrical energy sources.

In reality, there are many sustainability plans and solutions that have been formulated in the past, and are still being researched. It is my belief that many governments around the world try not to get too deeply involved in these solutions and sustainability plans. The citizens of the world need to understand that governments across the globe receive most of their endorsements from energy providers as well as all the economic stimulates that are connected with realm of energy.
If a person has an extremely open mind in regard to just how much money the industry was generating, one can clearly conclude that governments around the globe would not approve of just merely shutting down the energy company's operations. But, maybe with the pressure of the citizens of the nations around the world, a difference can be made.

These Programs are few that have started to advocate plans to assist in the development of a safer environment. All for the same cause, these programs look at some of the many topics that energy affects, and tries to bring the issues up to law makers to assist in the implementations of new laws and regulations in different regions of the United States.

Today, there is a program called Cash for Clunkers that was passed by the American Federal Government. The main directive of this program is to assist American citizens with getting newer vehicles that are energy efficient, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Some of the main issues that started much energy crisis were the demand for development of land, growing populations, booming economies, and human lethargy. In today's economy, humans are accustomed to acquiring what they want for speedy output and financial gain. Therefore, the uses of vehicles, airplanes, and ships, have assisted consumers with providing sufficient transportation to fulfill destinations for their needs and wants. This simple demand is a pivotal point in human life and has created a pollutant that contributes to various health effects and monetary damage.

It is my hypothesis, that all humans should take a look at the outcomes of their actions, and realize the severity of our detrimental situation. I believe that my plan to implement stricter rules on cleaner air should start at home with energy conservation. I plan to reach sustainability with energy conservation, by researching and identifying the effects of air pollution, develop an education program about air pollution effects, schedule a presentation with the Home Owners Association in my community, and identify and invite community participants. In this exposition, I have explained some of the health effects of air pollutants but, I would like to elucidate the vague health issues that lurk around energy consumption that negatively impacts humans with negative air pollution. In a study presented in the International Journal of Health Geographics, a team of researchers' concluded that residential traffic is associated with the diagnosis of asthma and COPD/ chronic bronchitis. In a different study presented in the Environmental Health Magazine, results concluded that air pollution does create many different types of asthma and asthmatic symptoms.

I believe that conducting some surveys of the community would enormously assist in the effort process of my educational program. In order to educate citizens, one must know exactly how many people are already aware the issues at hand. I would probably go door to door and or create mailings after seeking approval of the City of San Antonio. I would review the city's air pollution control in chapter 26, article II of the city code and confer with local community leaders. In an effort to creating an educational program that would assist the community to understand the illnesses that energy consumption, I will provide vital information for the attendees. I will also provide information on the various lifestyle changes that would be required. I would also include the benefits and challenges of the changes that would be required of the citizen to create a positive effect on themselves and the community. Handouts and other publications may be of some assistance, in the effort to educate the community. In my plan, I will also provide a simple chart that will outline air pollution.

I believe that air pollutants that combine and contribute to global warming, involve carbon dioxide, ground-level ozone, and sulfuric acids. These air pollutants cause long term disabilities and illnesses such as caner, throat, and respiratory defects. Today, it is easy to say that we can help the human race to prolong its life by conducting some simple everyday tasks to assist in the reduction of these effects.

Simple tasks that will assist our community would include four simple methods to help conserve energy like unplug, invest, watch your kilowatt, and use timers. If an individual is not utilizing an electronic item in the home he or she must disconnect it because, this is a simple way to lower energy costs. It would be wise of the average citizen to invest in energy saver tools and products. Some energy companies provide indoor plug-in kilowatt meters to aid in the tracking of energy consumption. Timers are some inexpensive tools that control what times an electrical item will be turned on and off, thus creating a grand energy saver for the home. Finally, in this energy conservation plan I would include key highlights of the benefits and challenges of this plan.

In close, implementing a plan of sustainment for environmental conservation can be a difficult task to handle. All humans need to realize the adverse health issues that are amongst our children and future generations to come. In addition to health issues, a vast issue in today's world is capital. Comprehending the truth and the authenticity of the informational sources of energy conservation, should educate the human race. The world wants to live prosperously in health and wealth, why not initiate energy conservation today!


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