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Energy for the New Millenium

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Energy for the new millennium


The energy man's ultimate dream is to create energy out of nowhere. And that is going to happen, almost. A tiny start-up in US is set to launch an engine that requires no fuel, yes, no fuel. The other features- it produces no pollution, and runs nearly everywhere- are a bonus.

Entropy Systems, a seven-person start-up based in Youngstown, Ohio, is the company behind this and is planning to launch this engine-- named the Entropy engine--early next year. For Indians the matter of pride is that the technology's inventor, Sanjay Amin, a mechanical engineer, is an Indian and also the co-founder of the company.

The Entropy engine converts heat to mechanical power. Any mechanical power over and above friction losses can then be converted to electricity by coupling an electric generator to the output shaft of the engine.
Conventional engines can only convert high temperature heat to power, by burning fossil fuels. The engine takes room temperature air, absorbs heat from the air like a sponge, converts, that heat to power and exhausts air at a lower temperature. This low-temperature exhaust can be used for refrigeration and air conditioning. Thus the Entropy engine is both an engine and a refrigerator. An electric generator coupled to this engine produces electricity and has a higher efficiency rating than conventional engines.

How it works--The Entropy engine (named after the unit in physics that describes the amount of available energy in a system) absorbs heat from the atmosphere and converts it to power. Since it consumes no fossil fuels, nuclear fuels, or electrical power, it produces no emissions, directly or indirectly, its only by-product being cold air. The engine can run year-round in any climate, even in sub-zero temperatures. It will work in any environment above absolute zero (minus 273 degrees...

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