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Energy Independence

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Energy Independence

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Thesis Statement America needs to achieve energy independence and reduce its dependence on foreign oil. Abstract
The United States need to lower its dependence on foreign oil. The U.S. dependence on foreign oil has created a huge trade deficit that puts billions of U.S. dollars into the hands of countries that are not U.S. allies. This dependence also could lead to an economic downturn if there is another spike in oil prices. The U.S. needs to find alternatives to foreign oil that are environmentally sound and U.S. made to achieve energy independence.

America needs to find new energy sources and better energy conservation to meet its future energy needs. As of now America is far too dependent on foreign oil for its main energy source. Many experts say that the world is at peak output for oil right now and will be decreasing into the future. Right now the world has about 6.7 billion people, but by 2050 the estimate for world population is more than 9 billion people. That means we need a lot more oil than we now produce and our production capacity is already almost at its peak. If are still powering our cars, factories, and homes with oil when oil starts to run out we will be in a lot of trouble. In 2008 when oil supplies were near capacity the price of gas shot up to over $4.00 a gallon and I could barely keep up with my bills because of the extra money spent on gas. The price spike also helped to contribute to the collapse of the economy in the second part of 2008. So it goes without saying that we need to find a new energy source fast. But the truth is we will not be able to just stop using oil. We will need oil and just about everything else that produces energy as well as energy conservation to meet those needs. But we need to find sources of energy that the U.S. can...

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