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BUEC 563 – Energy Industries and Markets: Syllabus

Instructor: Richard Dixon
Phone: (780) 248-1650
Prerequisite: BUEC 502 – Managerial Microeconomics (or equivalent)
While part of the Natural Resources, Energy and Environment specialization this introductory course is an overview to the resource and energy industries and markets. Students gain a basic understanding of the evolving nature and structure of energy industries and markets, including market, technological, environmental and other strategic issues.
Second, there is a strong emphasis on students' proficiency levels in verbal and written business communication. Of particular interest is the ability to do and convey critical analysis and thinking in a variety of business formats (e.g. briefing note, strategic scenarios, business case, oral presentation, etc.).
LEARNING GOALS Critical Thinking
Students will be exposed to current issues and ideas concerning energy and its development in the 21st Century and this will help to develop their ability to analyze problems, situations and issues in a clear-minded, rigorous intellectual manner. At the end of the course the student will have more tools to critically think about current energy issues.
Energy Fundamentals
Students will enhance and develop a better understanding and awareness of the energy sector and its fundamentals from an economics, management and business perspectives.
Practical Experience
Students will have the opportunity to experience first-hand key segments of the energy industry and understand a wider overview of energy economic theory applied to actual business situations in the energy world.
Communication Skills - Oral and Written
Students will have the opportunity to present to the rest of the class and participate with others....

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