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Energy Savings

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As per the preliminary investigation performed in CAPOL production units of CSPP, SE plant, Refinery and the boiler division. There are number of areas identified for the possible energy savings in the plant.
It is further required to either perform field trials and case dependent data acquisition is needed to assess the feasibility of changing the particular component in the production line. 1. The plant at present using very large number of electrical motors ranging upto more than 100 HP for the power transmission requirements.

Observations are that the motors are being rewinded number of times with in-house-technicians, it is more likely that the motor efficiency and performance characteristics may got detoriated.
The gear boxes in use with the motors are also in service from number of years and they were serviced number of times during the plant operation. Replacement of the gear box with a new gear box is likely to provide energy conservation as well replacing the electric motor and the combination of the motor and the gear box also provide better energy savings to the plant operation.

Remark: Field trails are needed to estimate the payback periods and possibility of scheduling the replacement.

2. There is need for the keeping insulation on all the steam lines – it is observed missing lagging in several locations, also required is complete replacement of steam lines in some of the locations of the steam passage. Also found are the steam leakages in few locations at the flanges.

3. In several locations, V-belts are used for power transmission, there is need to train the operators in replacing and usage of the V-belts, also required is to set the alignment as well as to inspect the sheave conditions on all the V-belt drives.

4. Gear transmission boxes should be conditioned and must be covered properly to avoid dirt and debris fall in...

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