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Energy Security

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Energy Security in India
Important facts regarding energy generation capacity and the energy mix for India Source | Percentage | Coal | 57 | Hydro | 18.6 | Renewable | 12.25 | Gas | 8.9 | Nuclear | 2.2 | Oil | 0.56 | Sector | Percentage | State | 40 | Central | 29 | Pvt | 29 |

1. Energy is the prime mover of a country’s economic growth. Availability of energy with required quality of supply is not only key to sustainable development, but the commercial energy also have a parallel impact and influence on the quality of service in the fields of education, health and, in fact, even food security. 2. According to a report by IEA (International Energy Agency), India needs to invest a total of 800 billion dollars in various stages by 2030 to meet its energy demand. India accounts to around 2.4% of the annual world energy production, but on the other hand consumes 3.3% of the annual world energy supply. And this imbalance is estimated to surpass Japan and Russia by 2030 placing India into the third position in terms of annual energy consumption. Therefore, after summing up all the energy issues, energy security has been identified as the only tool to overcome the energy concerns. 3. According to Integrated Energy Policy, for a 9% growth over a sustained period, imports of crude oil in 2031-32 may be between 362-520 million tonnes with import dependence of 91%-94%. For natural gas, it may be 25-135 (Mtoe), which means an import dependence of 20%-57% of supply. Coal imports may be between 300- 736 (Mtoe), which may be an import dependence of 34%-57%. Total import dependence may be 58%-67%, as against the current level of 25%, with imports estimated at the higher end at 1,382 (Mtoe) and total energy consumption at 2,077 (Mtoe). Clearly, the two major fuels - oil and coal – may require large imports in the next two decades.

Challenges to...

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