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Enforce Environmental Laws and Regulations Practical Exercise

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Enforce Environmental Laws and Regulations Practical Exercise
1. Identify areas of environmental concerns with a solution to the scenario.
I would develop controls to eliminate impact to the following listed environmental concerns or reduce the probability or severity of each hazard, to lower the overall risk.
Equipment exhaust
Convoy dust

Archaeological Sites
Maneuvering in sensitive areas
Digging in sensitive areas
Disturbing or removing artifacts
Demolition/munitions effects

Noise Demolition/munitions effects
Night operations
Operations near post/camp boundaries and civilian populace
Vehicle convoys/maneuvers

Threatened / Endangered species
Maneuvering in sensitive areas
Demolition/munitions effects, especially during breeding seasons
Disturbing habitat or individual species spills or releases
Poor field sanitation

Soil (terrain) Over-use of maneuver areas
Demolition/munitions effects
Munitions and munitions related wastes
Poor field sanitation
Poor maneuver-damage control
Troop construction effects
Refueling operations spills Maneuver in ecologically sensitive areas such as wetlands

Refueling operations near water sources spills Erosion and unchecked drainage
Amphibious/water crossing operations
Poor field sanitation
2. Identify mission-related environmental risks with a solution to the scenario.
Vehicle accidents and breakdowns causing spill of fuel.
Train all drivers before the exercise. Supply and issue vehicle spill equipment.

Spills during refueling stops.
Train all fuel handlers on proper refueling procedures. Provide spill equipment. Ensure that only fuel handlers will dispense fuel. Locate refueling sites away from bodies of water and wetland areas.

Maneuver damage from off-road movement.
Brief all drivers to stay on primary and secondary roads. Identify all...

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