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Hypocrites of America The episode of South Park called ‘Goobacks’ is a prime example of how some Americans are hypocrites. I say this because the situation in the episode is exaggerated in a creative sense, but the underlines of the episode speaks of reality in today’s world. In this episode, people from the future come back to the present. These men and women work the jobs most Americans will not work and work these jobs for a lot less money to begin with because they feel less money is still money to them. Of course the Americans became angered that the ‘Goobacks’ (what the Americans called them), took “their” jobs and did not quite understand English. The famous line from this episode, “Took yer jurb!” (Comedy Partners), in English means ‘Took our jobs’. This line is frequently said by Americans, because in reality some Americans feel it is true. There are a great deal of immigrants that come to America for a better life. For instance immigrants from Ireland, Mexico, Cuba, and so on. These immigrants take jobs that most Americans see as beneath them since they pay so low. But yet some Americans become angered and say that these immigrants are taking ‘their’ jobs, even though these jobs were not taken in the first place.
That is why I feel those people are hypocrites because they say these jobs are theirs, but yet they do not work these jobs. But in essence, how can those jobs possibly be ‘their’ jobs to begin with. They do not own those jobs and they definitely do not work those jobs. So I find that hard to understand. As said by the character ‘Aging hippie liberal douche’, “Your ancestors came to America as immigrants. What right do you have to turn these people away?” (Comedy Partners). In the episode, the Americans tried everything to get rid of the immigrants (Goobacks) and were constantly angry with them. But as the aging hippie liberal douche summarized it, we ourselves are all immigrants so how can we judge them. But yet we still treat immigrants differently and keep them at a safe distance. Some Americans get angered when immigrants cannot understand English. They also feel that immigrants refuse to learn ‘our’ language. As said by the character Kyle, “Dude, hold on! This is bullcrap! If they wanna live in our time, then they should learn our language!” (Comedy Partners). But yet if you think about that, all of our ancestors had to adjust and learn the language of America, which shows why us ‘Americans’ speak English. But yet who says English is the best language, that it is ‘better’ than any other language, that immigrants have to learn the language. So that is how I see some Americans as hypocrites and the South Park episode ‘Goobacks’ is a prime example of that. We can be so harsh to immigrants but yet we would be angered if our own family was treated harshly. But of course our own family was treated that way, because they themselves were immigrants at one time. Also of course, ‘Took our jobs!’ hits close to home because I constantly hear that line from selfish people who obviously do not know what they are talking about. If Americans felt those jobs were ‘theirs’, then those jobs would be ‘their’ jobs. These people just want something to complain about when it comes to immigrants, because they are against them because they are not like ‘us’. The creators of South Park just had the guts to televise such a controversial issue.

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