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Multicultural Literature
Monica Ramirez
ENG 157
September 30, 2013
Anne Graue

Multicultural Literature
Multicultural interactions are very common in my work environment. I work for the hospitality industry and I interact with people from different parts of the world every day. Prior to explain my experiences with different cultures it is important to define culture so it will be easier to address the subject. Culture is what identifies a person through his or her art expressions, behavior and other special characteristics. It includes the person’s language, cuisine, and other social interactions (Heine, 2008). In this essay, I will describe my personal experiences with different cultures and the impact these experiences have made on my personal and professional life.
Culture and Hospitality Industry
I have worked in hotels for the last three years. All these years I have been working directly with people because I work on the Food and Beverage Department. I believe that this department and front desk are the ones who are more interesting because we can indulge in other cultures and enjoy them even if sometimes some cultures are difficult for us to understand. The culture I found the most interesting was a group of Jews while I was working for a W Hotel. We were hosting a wedding for 250 people who lived in New York but were native from Israel. This wedding reception was very frustrating for me because it was my first experience with this religion and I did not understand their practices at that time. The interesting part is that the majority of our staff was women and we were not able to do some things because it was forbidden by them so technically we were short staffed because they did not want us to touch their food, liquor or their silverware. At first I thought that they had a sexist mentality but after I started my psychology degree I understand…...

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