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These are the topics which can be covered using the following essay (by putting the essay’s name in the blank spaces but be carefull)

1. Terrorism 2. Corruption 3. Smuggling 4. Unemployment
5. Black-Marketing 6. Nepotism 7.Adultration 8.Overpopulation
9. Drug-Adduction 10.Bribary 11.Illiteracy 12. Beggary
13. Dishonesty 14. Economic Crisis 15. Poverty
16. Provincialism 17. Ethnic violence 18.Hording 19.Dowrey 20.Parochialism 21.Secterianism 22.Religious Extremism 23.Propegunda 24.hypocrisy 25.Superstitious 26.Barbarism

Shakespeare has said, “What a piece of work man is!”. In this line he has beautifully exalted man. But the same man is facing many problems created by man. Centuries ago, when man entered the “New Stone Age”,he showed his bestial (inhuman) nature and barbarism in certain walks of life. He is responsible for creating certain evils like ______________ .
Poperightly says, “ What man has made of man!”. Today when man has touched the surface of moon and the world itself has become a global village, the evil of ______________ has spread in the society of men. With the changing times ______________ has become one of the most horrible problems all over the world, especially in the Third World countries like Pakistan.
At the very outset we must realize that the evil of _____________ weakens the basic foundation of nation. This evil not only demoralizes a nation but also becomes the cause of entire destruction in the long run. This evil corrupt the whole nation. When people are under the pressure of ___________ , their minds can’t be further utilized for the development of the country. Pakistan feels insecurity and keep thinking about it all the time.
_____________ no doubt, spreads discontentment in the society and ultimately the good image of a nation gets spoiled in the world. If it is not properly checked, judicial, moral and economic system of a nation is destroyed. William Golding rightly says,”Man produces evil as be produces honey”.
The main causes of _________________ are (Illiteracy/poverty), dishonesty and wrong economic policies of the government. Unfortunately majority of our people are uneducated and on the other hand, our education is not professional. Most of the students cram things and then like a parrot reproduce them. Because of illiteracy, people don’t know the difference between right and wrong. Under these circumstances _____________ gets and easy way for its development and has further increased the horizon of _____________. Lack of social and economic justice is also responsible for the increasing __________________.

Sometimes this injustice compels people to do something wrong. When people will not be given their rights, they will raise their voices, weapons and other means to compensate their hurt feelings. Lastly, in nutshell, temptation for wealth and hover for lust have given more dimensions to ____________. Now materialism has gone in to the very depth of man’s veins and thus, materialism is spreading ______________ in the society on a large scale. History is a witness that _______________ has ever been one of the main causes for the down fall of nations. It has ever created disappointment among the countries. Where this evils prevails the machinery of a government gets rusted and it is quite harmful that _________ reduces respect for law. Respect for law provides a chance for the distinction between right and wrong. Disrespect to law leads to revolutions and military takeovers. A nation can’t bear after effects of revolution and military takeovers for a long time.
If we want to root out this evil, a complete change of political, social and economic system is necessary. Worn out methods of removing evils like ____________ should be left now. We should elect a new government, which should be very much sincere to the public. This new government should send those people in administration that can really know and settle the problems of public. Different kinds of departments should be established to wipe out the evil of ____________. Then the minds of the people can be changed by moral values. Morality should be an inevitable part of education. Lastly there should be an exemplary punishment for those who are responsible for creating this evil. Political Parties, NGO’s and the National Media can play an important role to root this evil.

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