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M E M O R A N D U M TO | Mr Luke Tong | FROM: | Kylie Vanuti | DATE: | 1 March 2010 | RE | Proposal to Write a Feasibility Report for an Employee Work/Life Balance Program |

The following is a proposal to conduct a feasibility study into the need for, and the benefits of, instituting an employee work/life balance program for Brahm Industries. This proposal contains background on the importance of employee work/life balance on productivity, my qualifications, costs associated with the study, and a schedule for completion of the feasibility study. Attracting and retaining talent is crucial to an organisation's success and with the current trends in the labour market, retaining talent and ensuring business continuity is an ongoing challenge that requires careful human resource management.
Need for a Work/Life Balance Program
Research shows that to maintain a healthy lifestyle balance, a 24 hour day should be divided into thirds: one third for sleep, one third for work and one third for play. The trend in today’s workplace is for employees to work longer hours and as a result, when they arrive home they do not feel like exercising or cooking quality meals. As well, many employees are not taking their holidays. These two issues result in lethargy and absenteeism due to health issues and impact on employee productivity. A healthy staff will reduce costs to the organisation and assist in meeting budget requirements. Research also shows that work-life balance is an area that has been increasingly recognised as strategically important in attracting the best possible candidates and also retaining high quality staff.
Benefits of a Work/life Balance Program
Supporting and encouraging work/life balance provides the key to a successful organisation. Therefore minimising work-life conflicts helps prevent employee overload and increases work

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