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Eng221 User Manual Final

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| University Library User Manual | Prepared by Team A | | Christine Polatis, Tchangwe Nchumuluh, Bryan Thomas, Emily Glasser, William Cross, | 1/21/2013 |


University Library User Manual
Online Access to Course Textbooks 5 My Papers 7 Grammar and Plagiarism Review: 7 River point Writer: 7 Grammar and Writing Guides 7 Element K Tutorials 8 Websites for Aid 9 Center for Mathematics Excellence 9 Step-By-Step Math Review 9 ALEKS Running Start - Practice 10 Building Math Confidence 12 Student Labs 13 Learning Team Toolkit 15 Useful Links 21 Submit a Paper for Review 21 WritePoint® 21 CWE Review 21 Plagiarism Checker 22 Reference and Citation Generator 22 APA Information 23 Sample Paper 24 Reference and Citation Examples 24 Reference and Citation Generator 24 APA Style Blog 24 Title Page Template 24 Riverpoint Writer 24 Grammar and Writing Guides 25 Student Resources Guide 25 o Math Resources 25 o Writing Resources 25 o Formatting and Writing Guidelines 25 o Technical Services 25 o Student Workshops and Labs 25 o University Library 26 o Learning Teams 26 o Critical Thinking 26 o University Disability Services 26 o Career Services 26 o University Perks 26 References 27 Library. (2013). Retrieved from 27

Online Access to Course Textbooks
The University of Phoenix provides access to course materials and textbooks online. These materials can be printed, downloaded or viewed from your student web. Access is granted any time day or night and is available the day before your classes start. Early availability gives students time to print out the materials and start preparing for class.

To access the class materials: 1. Log into your student website. 2. Select the materials tab.

3. Materials are...

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