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Eng221 Week 2 Web Memo

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Date: March 5, 2012
To: Management
Subject: Web Conferencing Programs

The purpose of this memo is to inform you of the about the different web conferencing programs available to our company. Web conferencing is a great tool we can use to have those weekly status meetings. We will be able to bring our offsite teams on board and connect with them at any time. These programs will potentially save time and money while bringing the department together.
I have researched 5 of the best companies and found that though they are similar in services you can see some differences if you if you look for key points. The five programs I choose were Cisco WebEx, Fuze Meeting, GoToMeeting, Infinite Conferencing and InterCall.

As shown below (table 1) most common features are shared by all but Fuze Meeting did not have the capacity to use VOI P or have video or webcam features and CISCO WebEx was not capable of recording the meetings. While GoToMeeting and Infinite Conferencing have all the features the max number of attendees either exceeded or did not meet our business needs. This is the reason I choose InterCall. This program has a total of 124 number of max attendees.

We can definitely expand with this program and secure a smart web conferencing tool for future use.

Table 1
Web Conferencing Services Video and Webcam Feature Security Features Help & Support Ease of Use Max No. of Attendees Record Meetings VOIP
Cisco WebEx Yes Yes Yes Yes 25 No Yes
Fuze Meeting No Yes Yes Yes 45 Yes No
GoToMeeting Yes Yes Yes Yes 15 Yes Yes
Infinite Conferencing Yes Yes Yes Yes 1000 Yes Yes
InterCall Yes Yes Yes Yes 124 Yes Yes

References retrieved March 5, 2012

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