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Engaging Native Americans Leaders

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Takeaway: Finding, engaging, and supporting key leaders in stakeholder communities has a multiplier effect on advocacy work.

New Mexico has one of the largest populations of Native Americans in the United States and Native American communities have much at stake in how the ACA is implemented. HANM has long realized that issues and concerns are best raised by trusted leaders from within Native American communities who can authentically speak to and advocate for real changes that would impact their communities. By developing trusted relationships with leaders in Native American communities, HANM is able to engage and support key leaders from stakeholder communities to raise health policy issues and advocate for change.
To develop relationships and meaningfully engage Native American leaders, HANM takes the approach of listening to prominent tribal leaders and asking what value they can add to what tribal leaders want for their communities. HANM respectfully listens to leaders and gains an understanding of longstanding tribal views and practices regarding politics, history, health, health systems, and healing. HANM has found it vital to not come into any desired partnerships with the intent to do anything “for” their partners, but instead to work with them so that their voices are raised at key decision making points. HANM learns the issues and concerns that are important to tribal leaders and works to develop strategies with them for how those issues and concerns might be addressed and improved by tribal leaders’ involvement in opportunities like Marketplace board meetings and in outreach and enrollment efforts. Once key issues are identified and where needed, HANM is able to provide policy support and leverage their relationships to create public platforms where the concerns and issues can be raised by those who will be impacted.
Tribal leaders have taken an…...

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