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Engaging Your Customers

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Chapter 2: Use Behaviors that Engage Your Customer

Question 8: What are some patterns of behavior that project a company’s culture? List several examples from organizations that you’ve worked in.

Answer: Organizational culture refers to a system of shared norms, beliefs, and values that bind people together. This system is manifested by customs and habits that exemplify the values of an organization. Culture performs several important functions in organizations. It first provides a sense of identity for its members. But more importantly, it clarifies and reinforces standards of behavior. According to our textbook behavior is defined as both verbal and nonverbal. In nonverbal communication, even without words, our personality still comes through loud and clear. Customers can easily pick up on and understand this type of communication. A few examples include an encounter with a sales clerk who has a sour face or being ignored by a sales clerk. These cues leave poor impressions on customers about the business itself. In my working career, I‘ve had the displeasure of having to drudge through some tumultuous work environments. Here are some examples of the dysfunctional work environments I’ve encountered:

• Workplace Cliques- Everyone wants to be a part of something and feel a sense of belonging. However, this group is a bad idea if it fosters negativity and exclusiveness; it defies the concept of teamwork.

• Nothing gets done without the boss’s approval- This can be polarizing to production. Yes, the boss should have the final say, but if tasks can be delegated, this will alleviate the need for a manager’s time and attention on every little thing. It would certainly allow for a boost in productivity.

• No one ever gets fired- While employees do need hope, they also need standards and expectations. If an employee doesn’t get reprimanded...

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