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Generator Facility

Rating Methodology


0 6/22/05 New Document JAZ FRO
1 2/22/07 Rev. for FAC-008-1 – Facility Ratings
Revised generation capability rating methodology to distinguish between commitment and long-term ratings.
Added reactive power capability methodology. JAZ FRO
2 9/29/2008 Rev. to reflect requirements of NERC FAC-008-1 and FAC-009-1. Added specific language to address nuclear units and jointly owned facilities outside FPL’s metered boundaries. Added language specific to communication of ratings. JAZ FRO
3 10/06/09 Added language specific for solar photovoltaic variable generation resource assets. Removed references to Capability Letter. Added statements regarding boundary of generator Facility. Added comments regarding the FAC-009-1, R1 requirement to establish generator Facility ratings per the Generator Facility Rating Methodology. JMG FRO

Generator Facility Rating Methodology

The purpose of this procedure is to document the methodologies used by FPL (generator owner) in rating its generator facilities to meet the requirements of NERC Standards FAC-008-1, FAC-009-1. This procedure is applicable to fossil, solar photovoltaic and nuclear generator Facilities.


Bulk Electric System (BES): As defined by the NERC Regional Reliability Organization (RRO), the electrical generation resources, transmission lines, interconnections with neighboring systems, and associated equipment, generally operated at voltages of 100 kV or higher. Radial transmission facilities serving only load with one transmission source are generally not included in this definition.

Equipment Rating: The maximum and minimum voltage, current, frequency, real and reactive power flows on individual equipment under steady state, short-circuit and transient conditions, as permitted or…...